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Bolivia Hop es todo sobre hacer tu viaje desde La Paz a Cusco y Cusco a La Paz tan fácil como posible. Ofrecemos tickets de bus, permitiéndote subir y bajar de cada destino el tiempo que desees.

Es simple:

  • Al llegar a Copacabana – recomendamos 1 noche en la Isla del Sol
  • Te enamorarás (¡ya sea del lugar  de un guapo Boliviano!)
  • Decides quedarte ya que te «enamoraste» de esta persona
  • Partieron tu corazón 2 semanas después
  • Escríbenos para subir otra vez al bus e ir a Puno (¡no tears allowed!)

¡Es seguro, flexible y divertido!

¿Aún no está claro? ¿Necesitas información más precisa? Lee nuestro procedimiento de 5 pasos para reservar tu pase de Bolivia Hop el que te explicará que tan fácil hará tu vida en Bolivia y Peru.

PASO 1: Escoge tu ruta y pase:

Ya que ahora Bolivia Hop opera 2 rutas principales, la ruta La Paz – Cusco y Cusco – La Paz. Lee nuestro itinerario detallado de La Paz – Cusco aquí y Cusco – La Paz aquí.

¿Deseas extender tu viaje de La Paz a Lima, o empezar en Lima y venir por todo el camino a La Paz? Combina tu pase con uno de Peru Hop, ¡ofrecemos descuentos a nuestros viajeros que desean ir incluso más lejos con nosotros!

Una vez que has escogido la ruta que mejor se acomoda a tus necesidades, el siguiente paso es escoger la fecha que deseas empezar tu avenura.

PASO 2: Escoge Fecha de Salida:

Hay 2 tipos de personas que reservan nuestros viajes… el viajero bien organizado que le gusta reservar con mucho tiempo de anticipación, o el libre y fácil viajero que deja todo para el último minuto! Afortunadamente, estamos para atender a ambos usando los siguientes métodos:

  • Bookings made more than 7 days in advance of travel – Here the hopster has 2 choices, to book the exact date he/she wants to commence the tour on, OR give an indicative date of the tour commencement date, which can then be reconfirmed 1 week before the tour commences. This is for organised hopsters who know the rough dates they are coming to Bolivia/Peru but prefer not to commit to a set date.
  • Bookings made less than 7 days in advance of travel – For the last minute hopsters out there, please note that all bookings made where the tour start date will be in the next 7 days will require a fixed date of travel (i.e. this date cannot be changed unless, so if you buy a ticket on Monday for a tour beginning Wednesday, you will have to begin the tour on this day…pretty standard we feel!)

During the booking process you will always be asked for your hostel pick up point in La Paz or Cusco. Don´t worry if you are not sure of your hostel pickup point yet, we will send you a reminder email 3 days before your trip commences to notify us of your chosen pickup point…we´re nice that way!

STEP 3: Buy your Hop Pass at one of our agency partners:

The following methods of payments are available to all hopsters:

  • At your local travel agent – Pay via credit card OR pay by cash, whichever is easier for you.
  • At one of our hostel partners- Pay with Cash OR by credit card at your local hostel in Peru or Bolivia.

Please note that no matter what method you use to buy your Bolivia Hop pass, your details will be 100% secure. If you book with an agent or hostel, please ensure you always receive your booking voucher…contact us if there are any issues at all.

STEP 4: Arrive at your departure point and Hop on Board:

Once you have advised us of your desired pickup point, we will contact you to reconfirm the date and time that we will pick you up, so all you need to do is WAKE UP ON TIME!! Be warned that our guides have been known to physically drag people out of bed on to the bus in their pyjamas, so to avoid any embarrassment, set your alarm, get your bag packed and be ready for the most amazing adventure of your life!

Please note if you have any worries about being picked up, simply email us at or ask your hostel to call us, but don´t worry, we won´t forget you!

STEP 5: Begin your adventure and YOU decide when to hop off and hop back on again:

For every one of our tours, we have a detailed itinerary and minimum amount of days required to complete the tour. This is based on our years of experience backpacking and knowing exactly how long we need to spend in each place to see everything there is to see as well as have enough time to have some fun! We will stop in small places along the route for snacks and for pictures etc to show you hopsters the REAL Bolivia and Peru.

However, if somebody wants to venture off on their own and maybe stay 1 night or 1 week in a tiny town outside Copacabana for example then feel free to go for it! We will drop you off the bus anywhere on the route, and we will pick you up in that same place whenever you want…simply just tell us and we will book you on to the next bus. Hopsters can fall in love with a local Bolivian in Copacabana and want to stay there for a week more…whenever your heart gets broken we will be there to pick you up and bring you to your next destination…it´s that easy!

Stay where YOU want…do what YOU want:

Most tours can feel like the guide is simply selling you more and more things, that they don´t really care about what is best for you, more what is best for THEIR pocket. Here at Bolivia Hop, we are different. Our guides are employed simply to help hopsters, not to sell them anything. Our guides are paid very well, and they DON´T receive any commission based on hostel or tour sales. Our guides however can receive bonuses based on the feedback hopsters give us about their guide, so we feel this method encourages the guide to work harder FOR you and become almost like your friend, not just another person trying to get your hard earned dollars.

Our guides will recommend hostels in each place we visit, and can book you into that hostel if you so wish at the best possible rate on the market, but like we say the choice is yours and you can stay wherever you want.

Likewise, there are many tours/activities available in each city/town we visit. There will be multiple tour companies each offering basically the same thing, with different prices, different levels of security etc. Feel free to look and shop around at these agencies. However we know that sometimes it can be hard to choose between different companies/agencies you know nothing about. Our guide will recommend tours to hopsters, but we do NOT operate these tours, we simply recommend them based on our experience and guarantees we have received from them that all hopsters will be treated with the best of care. The tours will not be the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but we believe they will be the best value you can get in terms of security, level of service and fun…but like we say they are simply our recommendations and again each hopster is free to do whatever tour they want with whatever company they want. Put simply…Bolivia Hop tours are all about YOU, not us.

Leave your guide book at home and come enjoy Bolivia hopster style:

Guidebooks like the Lonely Planet can be an excellent tool when travelling South America. However, for the time you are with us, you simply won´t need it. We have Bolivian and Peruvian guides who know their country better than any guidebook. They know where to eat and drink like a local, where to shop like a local, and where to party like a local…we don´t want hopsters falling into the usual tourist traps and paying ¨gringo¨prices…leave it to our guides to ensure you have the best possible time at the best possible value!

Speak to someone from our team by phone!


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