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Sucre City Guide

Sucre Bolivia: Our 2024 detailed guide from how to get there, what to do, useful tips and much more!

Sucre Brief Summary:

Sucre Guide Contents:

  1. How To Get To Sucre – Compare transportation options.
  2. Must See In Sucre – The sights you cannot miss.
  3. Must Do In Sucre – A list of the most popular activities for travellers.

How To Get To Sucre

There are plenty of bus connections to Sucre from all cities and towns in Bolivia, including La Paz, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Tarija, Oruro, Potosí and Uyuni. The bus journeys are long and it is advisable to book one of the cama buses with comfortable seats. In case you decide to travel between Sucre and La Paz, you can break your journey into several stops and visit Cochabamba, Oruro or Potosí on the way. There are also flights to Sucre from Santa Cruz, La Paz, Tarija, Cochabamba and Uyuni.

Must See In Sucre

Convento de San Felipe Neri

Stunning colonial monastery building that is considered a heart of famous Sucre’s colonial architecture. Climb up its rooftops and enjoy the view overlooking this charming town.

Sucre Bolivia - san Felipe Neri Convent

MUSEF (Museo Nacional de Etnografía y Folklore)

Small but fascinating museum that celebrates the rich Bolivian culture from the pre-Colombian times to the present.

Sucre Bolivia - mask in the musuem of national etnography and folklore

Parque Cretático

An entertaining and educational park that hosts selection of 5055 perfectly preserved pre-historic footprints of dinosaurs once living in the area. Particularly impressive is a 347m large trail of a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex known worldwide as “Johnny Walker”, the largest of its kind in the world. On the way back, take a dino-bus down to Plaza 25 de Mayo.

Sucre Bolivia - Park with dinosaur footprints preserved in them

Cementerio General

Historical with interesting architecture, the cemetery attracts a big number of tourists. Do not worry about gloomy atmosphere, Bolivian cemeteries are surprisingly cheerful, with many quirky details and alive with interesting ancient traditions.

Sucre Bolivia - The General Cemetry with picture of grave

San Francisco Basilika

Asymmetric temple is an interesting architectural gem of colonial Sucre. Visit the catacombs dating back to the 16th Century.

Sucre Bolivia - San Francisco's Basilika

Must Do In Sucre

Trek across Maragua Crater

Lovely trek just outside of Sucre. You can make a one-day trip or wonder around breathtaking Chuquisaca scenery for several days. You can also explore fascinating Bolivian culture in the region’s historical villages and various museums and hidden architectural and cultural gems on the road.

Sucre Bolivia - Maragua Crater Trek

Enjoy the views from La Recoleta

La Recoleta is a monastery with a popular small plaza at the bottom of Churuquella mountain offering some of the best panoramic views over Sucre. Relax in the Café Mirador or just eat an ice cream with the locals on the plaza, enjoying the charming scenery.

Sucre Bolivia - La Recoleta viewpoint

Shop at Tarabuco Market

One of the Sunday mornings, visit Tarabuco, a small town outside of Sucre. Locals and tourists alike love to visit the vibrant markets where one can stock up on everything from the vegetables, cooking appliances, to the unique artisanal products. Perfect for both soaking up the feel of a local life while buying gifts to remember your Bolivian adventure.

Sucre Bolivia - Gift store at the tarabuco market with traditional gifts

Have a picnic and a swim in Parque Bolívar

Enjoy the romance in the largest park in Sucre, a lovely green space surrounded by beautiful colonial architecture. There is a miniature of Eiffel Tower in the middle of the park and a fountain that provides a light show in the evening as the live music plays in the background. Add a recreational swimming pool and ice cream shops, and you have everything you need for spending a great, relaxing day in Sucre.

Sucre Bolivia -  Enterance to Parque Bolivar

Visit Plaza 25 de Mayo

By many, Plaza 25 de Mayo in Sucre is considered to be one of the most beautiful plazas in Bolivia. It is filled with fountains, historical monuments, surrounded by colonial architecture, and accompanied by plentiful of trendy cafes and bars. Plaza 25 de Mayo is where the coolest crowd in Sucre likes to hang out.

Sucre Bolivia - Plaza 25 de mayo


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