Day Trips From Cusco

Below is our selection of round trips from Cusco, visiting the breathtaking landscapes of Lake Titicaca and getting to know the local culture. Get out of the city of Cusco and enjoy what more Peru has to offer.

Remember that all our Day Trips from Cusco are ALL INCLUSIVE. We include all accommodation and tours mentioned in our passes. Some tours also include food.

Day trips from cusco - Taquile Lake Titicaca
Day trips from cusco - View Lake Titicaca
Day trips from cusco - Uros Islands Lake Titicaca


We provide hotel and hostel pickups in all destinations EXCEPT Cusco. Legal restrictions prevent us from using our bus to do pickups in Cusco. The Bolivia Hop Private Terminal is just 10/15 minutes from hotels/hostels and drop offs are included via private pre-paid taxi.

Simply decide how much time you have, whether it's 3 days or 4 days, and choose the best pass for you (our Full Day Tour from Cusco is one day with two overnight buses).