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best places to visit in bolivia - Uyuni

Best Places to Visit in Bolivia 2024

Looking for the best places to visit in Bolivia? You won’t have to look far. Bolivia is a country of contrasts. It is the most impoverished country on the South American continent, but what Bolivia lacks in wealth, it more than prospers in untouched, natural beauty. From towering, rugged mountains, to the vast, windswept deserts, […]

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Amazing things about the Uros people

Get to know one of the most fascinating living cultures in the Andes. Dive into an experience full of ancient traditions and meet the Uros people. The Uros are a fascinating and unique ethnic group in the world. They are able to build their own islands by taking advantage of a type of plant that […]

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Things you did not know about the valley of the moon Bolivia

In Bolivia, there is a magical place that gives the feeling of being in a small moonlit wasteland. Its forms are the product of erosion and resemble volcanic craters. This Valley is formed as a strong erosion has consumed the top of a mountain. This was only possible as the soil was originally clay, instead […]

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the moon valley bolivia

The Valley of the Moon Bolivia

The Valley of the Moon is a geological formation located about 10 kilometers away from the urban center of La Paz Bolivia. It’s a protected area and belongs to the district of Mallasa. Keep reading to discover why this Valley is one of the most visited places in La Paz. You´ll find out more about […]

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Coronavirus in Bolivia: Get some travel advice

Coronavirus in Bolivia updated information 2020. Find out all you need to know about the current situation of Covid-19 in Bolivia: What to expect, when are borders reopening and more! Bolivia is one of the countries in South America that is fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Until now, the statistics show that little by little […]

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colombia hop

Introducing Colombia Hop

After the undeniable success of Peru and Bolivia Hop, we are thrilled to announce that we will be expanding the Hop family, and introduce Colombia Hop. With our extensive understanding and knowledge of travel in South America, we are very proud to open our doors in Colombia as well. Visiting all of the major cities, […]

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Buses in Bolivia

Buses in Bolivia operate all around Bolivia, and over the border into Peru. Check out these blogs and find help and advice about which bus suits your needs. When it comes to getting around Bolivia by bus, and even into Peru, there are plenty of different options you can choose from. While you may be […]

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Ecuador Hop, The New Way To Travel Ecuador

All of the things that you love about Bolivia Hop have made their way north. Right the way to Ecuador. It’s an exciting time for the Hop family, and we’re proud to welcome Ecuador Hop to the group. Early this year we opened the bus doors for the first time, and hopsters from all over […]

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aerial view of colibri's campsite

10 Best Hostels in La Paz

Best Hostels in La Paz – 2020 Update: The best hostels in La Paz are distributed in two main areas within La Paz: the historical center and the Sopacachi neighborhood. La Paz is the highest administrative capital in the world and it is the gateway to many of the internationally known Bolivian attractions such as […]

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Amazon Rainforest Bolivia

Amazon Rainforest Animals: Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

Amazon Rainforest Animals The Amazon rainforest is one of the most exotic & biologically diverse regions on Earth, and is home to the most spectacular Amazon rainforest animals you can imagine. Legendary for the sheer vastness of its size, its 1.4 billion acres of tropical forest cover some 40% of the South American continent, making […]

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