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Coronavirus in Bolivia: Get some travel advice

Coronavirus in Bolivia updated information 2020. Find out all you need to know about the current situation of Covid-19 in Bolivia: What to expect, when are borders reopening and more!

Bolivia is one of the countries in South America that is fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. Until now, the statistics show that little by little the country has been controlling the situation. Nevertheless, entering the country is not possible yet. Travel agencies and hotels are coming up with protocols in order to deal with COVID-19 as well.

The Bolivian Government knows that tourism is a very important sector in the country. Therefore, they are still working on how to minimize the impact. The health authorities are trying hard to work things out. Consequently, quarantine measures have been applied all over the country.

Although tourism has indeed been affected, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) is facing the situation wisely day by day. Their main goal is to reactivate tourism around the world. For this reason, we need to practice these following measures when taking a trip in the early future.

Coronavirus bolivia protocols

General Advice

Maintain social distancing:

This is one action that could prevent you from getting the virus. Keep your distance at least 2 meters away from others. The closer someone who’s infected is, the higher the risk of getting the virus.

Don’t touch your eyes, nose, and mouth:

Bacterias and germs (COVID-19 included) can easily stick to your hands. During the day, we may come across many surfaces or objects that may be infected without even knowing it. Therefore, avoid touching your face while out in public.

Thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water:

As previously mentioned, the virus can easily stick to our hands and the only way to properly clean your hands is by thoroughly washing them. If you can’t find a place to wash your hands, using alcohol or hand sanitizer will be also effective. However, washing your hands should always be the first option. The WHO recommends washing them at least 20 seconds to fully disinfect your hands.

coronvirus in bolivia: wash hands

Travel Advice

Always wear a mask:

During your trip, wearing a mask is a must. Remember to get a mask that follows the minimum standards set by the WHO. Using it will protect us from getting the virus when being outside.

Be mindful of the protocols:

It’s important to inform ourselves if companies are applying the protocols dictated by the WHO. When international travel is possible, look for further information regarding protocols and measures in the country. It’s fundamental to be aware of what the government announced.

Use payment methods wisely:

It’s highly recommended to avoid direct contact as much as possible. Especially money as the virus can remain there for days. Most places have now implemented contactless payment, so it’s best to opt for that option.

Avoid closed spaces and crowds:

If you’re traveling by bus, make sure the environment is always ventilated. Moreover, avoiding crowded places will be crucial. Airplanes won’t be an issue here because of their High-Efficiency Particulate Air filters.

Frequently clean your belongings:

This includes cell phones and cameras which are in constant use. Avoid using accessories when traveling if possible. Wear only the necessary as you might be exposing yourself.

coronvirus bolivia

Special cares after your trip

Disinfect your belongings:

Clean the objects that you took or acquired during the trip. Get rid of the ones you will be no longer using. Clean any object that could have been in contact with other people. Be careful of not leaving these objects at home if you haven’t cleaned them, as you might be taking a risk.

Monitor your health:

Watch for any symptoms that may arise. You can also take your temperature if you are not feeling well. If you perceive any symptoms, calling your trusted doctor would be highly recommended. Do not go to the clinic or hospital before calling first!

Do voluntary home quarantine:

As you have been visiting a different environment, a voluntary quarantine for 14 days might be recommended. Keep in mind this is for matters of prevention only.

Travel Bolivia coronavirus

Thanks to these protocols we will be able to travel to and through Bolivia with special care. Although the borders remain close, we have not lost faith in being able to travel soon. We need to take care of ourselves, but also care about other people’s health and wellbeing. The coronavirus in Bolivia is present, but this does not mean that we cannot travel in the near future. We’re hopeful that this beautiful country will recover soon so that we can all enjoy everything it has to offer!

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