10 Reasons To Hop - Bolivia Hop

Here are just 10 reasons why choosing Bolivia Hop is the best decision you will make when traveling from Peru to Bolivia and vice versa:

  1. Border crossing assistance
    The Bolivian border is famous for scams and thefts, our guides will ensure this doesn’t happen to you.
  2. EXCLUSIVE discounts
    Salt Flat Tours, Death Road and even Machu Picchu tours and treks!
  3. Discover Lake Titicaca
    From the Peruvian side (Puno) and the Bolivian side (Copacabana) with local tips and advice.
  4. Travel in comfort
    Buses are equipped with semi-bed seats, a clean toilet, and advanced air-temperature control and brake suspension systems.
  5. Local and Peruvian guides on every bus
    They provide advice, support, and excellent inside information about each destination.
  6. Travel in safety
    Long distance buses are GPS monitored and have 2 drivers who regularly swap shifts to avoid tiredness.
  7. Machu Picchu tips, advice and assistance
    Get the best tour, train or trek at the very best prices, exclusive to Bolivia Hop.
  8. No fixed itineraries
    1 ticket covers all stops for 1 year. Hop on hop off or follow the recommended trip plan!
  9. European owned and locally operated
    Bolivian/Peruvian adventure with European levels of safety and service.
  10. We cannot stress how difficult and dangerous this border crossing can be (google it). We will make sure you get across safely and securely.
Quick Tip: If traveling to or from Lima Airport, it is strongly recommended to use the luxury Airport Express Lima bus to get to or from your hotel. Safer and cheaper than a taxi with no baggage limit as well as free Wi-Fi and USB chargers onboard, it is ideal for travelers.
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