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Responsible Travel in Bolivia

Bolivia offers visitors incredible landscapes, a great biodiversity and more than 20 national parks. In recent years, travellers are discovering more of its great riches and beauty. This brings along social and environmental challenges, but also opportunities. Here are some tips on how your visit to Bolivia can support local communities and the environment.

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Bolivia Peru Border Crossing – How to Avoid Trouble

Crossing the border between two foreign countries may sound like a daunting task, and sometimes it is. It is easy to run into problems, delays and just a whole lot of hassle when crossing the border, especially when you are not well prepared.  Knowing where to cross and which documents to carry, is essential.

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Volunteering in Bolivia

Volunteering abroad can be a life changing experience that offers an immersion into a country’s culture that you would never get as a tourist passing through. It is great helping people and sharing in their lifestyle but volunteering can also really change and expand your opinions and world view in unexpected ways. Bolivia offers volunteering in lots of different areas such as teaching, medicine and animal protection.

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Death Road Bolivia Cross

Death Road Bolivia: Biking Bolivia’s Most Dangerous Road

I have arrived in Bolivia – it’s time to take on the most dangerous road in the world. This title goes to Yungas Road, aka Death Road. If you are daring enough, you can ride down this terrifying route on mountain bikes. To me, this is nothing but an invitation. It’s something unique that would be a once in a lifetime adventure.

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Bolivia: 5 Packing Essentials

Bolivia is a country of opposites: high altitudes and deep rivers, salt flats and rocky mountains, scorching heat and freezing lows. It’s home to many incredible world famous landmarks, including the Amazon Jungle and the Andes, and is close enough to renowned Incan site, Machu Picchu, that many tour companies offer trips there.

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Machu Picchu Inca Jungle Trek

Machu Picchu Inca Jungle Trek

There are many ways to trek Machu Picchu and one of the most exciting treks is the Machu Picchu Jungle Trek. The trek is often quite popular amongst backpackers due to its cheap price as well as the fact that it combines trekking with many other fun activities. Below we give you guys an idea of a day by day itinerary of what the Jungle Trek entails.

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sandboarding en perú

Sandboarding in Peru

Sandboarding in Huacachina Peru is fast becoming one of the must do activities on the backpacker circuit. We all know about snowboarding, but what exactly is sandboarding and why is it becoming so popular amongst visitors to Peru?

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la comida en peru

Food in Peru

Peruvian cuisine is experiencing a boom right now, as many food critics, famous chefs and food magazines delight in the incredible diversity of food in Peru. Tripadvisor recently named gastronomic tours of Peru as one of the new travel trends of 2014 and after spending 18 months living here in Lima Peru, it is clear to see why.

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Peru Hop - Our Busses

Travelling by bus in Peru

Travelling by bus in Peru can sometimes be a little unsafe. Peru Hop, Cruz Del Sur and similar companies offer a great and safe way to travel around Peru by bus, and these companies really focus on the safety aspect.

Of course here at Peru Hop we are a little biased. We think that the best way to get from Lima to Cusco by bus, or Cusco to Lima by bus, is with Peru Hop.

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tours of peru

Tours of Peru … worth it?

In this week’s blog, we analyse tours of Peru, and whether or not they are worth it. Many people take tours of Peru but in fact there are also a lot of tourists who don´t want to take tours of Peru and prefer to see Peru of their own accord. Here we look at the benefits and downsides of taking a tour of Peru.

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