Border Crossing Assitance | Bolivia Hop

Crossing the border between Peru and Bolivia can be difficult to manage, but our bus assistants will ensure that it is as smooth as possible for all you hopsters!

On all Bolivia Hop and Peru Hop buses, you will have a bus assistant fluent in both English and Spanish who will be there to assist you with crossing the border between Peru and Bolivia. Some types of situations where you may need assistance include:

  • Filling out immigration forms correctly
  • Knowing the opening and closing times of the Bolivia border
  • Paying any overstay fines…where and how much
  • Paying any visa entry fees that you may need to pay depending on your nationality
  • Dealing with a corrupt policeman who may try to scam you out of some money

The border that separates Bolivia and Peru can be one of the more difficult border crossings in South America, and this is mainly due to the number of corrupt police officers in this region. Our bus assistants will help you with anything at all, because as local proud Peruvians and Bolivians, they want you to have the best possible experience in their country, and not get ripped off by local scam artists as this reflects bad on their country.

We can make the border hop smooth, make sure you don’t miss your bus connection, and make sure you continue your trip across South America with no issues at all.

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