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Bolivia Hop - Flexible and Fun

Bolivia Hop is owned by backpackers and operated for backpackers. That means we fully understand the needs of backpackers. We understand you want to travel independently and live by the rule of doing what you want when you want. We know you want to get away from the tourist traps and discover how the locals live. We know that if you like a place, you can grow attached and maybe decide to stay there for a week or a month.

As well as this, we know you love to have fun, meet other backpackers and swap travel stories or have a few drinks in the hostel bar, or go to some local bars and party with locals and maybe meet the Latino/Latina of your dreams…you are young, on holidays and simply want to have the time of your life before you settle down, get a job and grow old…we get it!!

That´s why Flexible and Fun are 2 of our core values here at Bolivia Hop!


  • Hop off the tour wherever you like, hop back on when you are ready
  • Bus will stop wherever you want…you pay us to do what YOU want
  • YOU choose what activities you want to do
  • YOU choose what hostel to stay in
  • Passes valid for 1 year – take as long as you want to complete the tour
  • Travel independently but never be alone

Being owned by backpackers, we fully understand the needs of backpackers. We know backpackers don´t want to be confined to only 1 day in Copacabana, or only 1 hour in a certain place. As a result, our tour is geared to meet those needs. That´s why we give you 1 YEAR to complete your chosen trip. That´s why we let YOU choose where you want to stay, and we let YOU choose what you want to do. Most tours include everything, every activity and every hostel, thus limiting your choice. With Bolivia Hop, the choice is all yours…we simply just assist and advise!

For example, imagine you’d like to get to know some place between La Paz and Copacabana! Hop off the bus and we will pick you up in the same place whatever day you want. Fall in love with a local and live with her for 6 months, or maybe volunteer for 3 months in a rural village…do whatever you so please and we will always be there to pick you up when you are ready!

We are also flexible in other ways. For example, the drive from Copacabana to Puno is simply beautiful, as the road skirts alongside the shores of Lake Titicaca. If you are sitting on a local bus, you will see this amazing view…through your tinted windows! With Bolivia Hop, we can stop at all the places along the way that we know you are going to like. You don´t need to try to take photos 400 metres away from you´re bus…we will stop the bus, get off and take a few snaps, it´s that simple.


  • Fun basic Spanish lessons on board
  • Exclusive Bolivia Hop happy hours
  • Free guest list entry to selected nightclubs
  • Young, friendly, funny and sometimes crazy guides
  • Bingo, charades, Pictionary etc all played on the bus

Being owned by backpackers, it goes without saying that we know how important it is for backpackers to enjoy themselves at budget prices, so we ensure that every tour encompasses more fun than you will ever have in your life…EVVERRRRRRRR!!

Our local guides, whilst being the well trained and informative, are often hired based on how much they can make us laugh in 30 seconds…our job interviews are essentially a ¨Bolivia Hop´s got talent¨competition! These guides will ensure you have the most amazing experience of your life, by not only showing you the best there is to offer, but by also doing it with a smile on their face!

From icebreaker games on day 1 where 40 strangers come together and become best friends to stumbling home in the early hours of the morning from a local house party, our guides will always be there and ready to go again the next day! We play lots of games on board the bus, have fancy dress competitions, and have exclusive Bolivia Hop happy hours in bars as well as Bolivia hop guest list access to nightclubs…the list goes on! We work so hard to ensure that you will have the most amount of fun you could possibly have without emptying your bank account, because our goal is that you have the best time ever and tell all your friends about us!

When you buy a Bolivia Hop bus pass you are not only buying a year of travel, you are buying a lifetime of memories. Like we always say…Once a hopster always a hopster!

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