Puno to Copacabana to La Paz | Bolivia Hop

Puno to Copacabana to La Paz

Trip overview:

Perfect For:
For those who want to cross into Bolivia from Titicaca

Time needed to complete trip:
1 day – or hop off and stay longer at any destination if you wish…the choice is yours!

Start and End Point:
Start in Puno and finish in La Paz. Start any Salar de Uyuni tour from here…we can assist!

From $49

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Trip Highlights For This Pass

Trip Highlights

  • Take a boat across Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, and visit the indigenous families living on the floating islands – Puno
  • Find the mythical Isla del Sol, and discover the birthplace of the Inca Sun God, Inti – Copacabana
  • Take on the infamous Death Road by bike and experience the world’s most dangerous road for yourself – La Paz

What’s Included

  • 3 stage hop on hop off bus pass valid for 1 year
  • Hotel/Hostel pickup and drop off (save on approx 5 taxi journeys)
  • On board local Peruvian Expert who will give tips, advice, and can help book tours, accommodation and more
  • All local taxes, fees and service charges – no hidden fees or tipping requests like other companies
  • Local customer service team accessible 24 hours via email and phone for any issue
  • EXCLUSIVE discounts on accommodation at each destination – better prices than any website
  • EXCLUSIVE access to Peru Hop APP, with up to date destination info, food discounts and tour information

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Main activity in Copacabana:
Isla del Sol boat trip (4hr round trip). Departs 13:00pm from the White Anchor. Returns in time for our bus the same day. Or stay on the island and return the next day.


Departure point in Copacabana: Hotel Gloria (Av. 16 de Julio)
Please don’t be late or you will miss this bus!

Important notes

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Easter weekend holidays. We will not be able to assist you booking any accommodations during this period. Please book in advance. 

NOTE: For the Easter (Semana Santa) weekend the Ballestas Islands Tours (Paracas) on these dates will last only one and a half hours in duration. This is the same for ALL tour operators.

NOTE: For the Easter (Semana Santa) weekend the Dunebuggy & Sandboarding Tours (Huacachina) on these dates will last only one hour in duration. This is the same for ALL tour operators.


Biggest public holidays of the year. Hostel and tour prices increase during this period. MUST book accommodation in advance!

How does the App Work

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who travels on the Bolivia Hop buses?

You will meet similar travelers of all ages and races. As can often be seen in our reviews, people make friends for life on board!

We have had over 300,000 passengers from 85+ countries! The average age is 31 years old with the youngest being 10 months old and the oldest at 85!

65% of our passengers are female! Various people have contacted us to say they met on Bolivia Hop and are now married!

Thankfully we haven’t heard of any couples divorcing after traveling together on Bolivia Hop so far!

What are the Bolivia Hop buses like?

Our huge luxury modern buses come with semi-cama (half bed) reclining seats, A/C & heating systems, tv’s, Usb ports, clean toilets and more!

All buses are tracked by GPS systems, have speed restriction software and much more. Read more about Our Buses HERE.

Do the buses run on time?

Bolivia Hop is an EXTREMELY punctual service, especially compared to other Bolivian bus companies who are unfortunately late a lot (as can be seen from their TripAdvisor reviews).

If you have a tour or hotel booked and in the very rare case our bus is late, our onboard guides will help you by calling your tours and hotels to assist you as much as possible, but really this should never happen on Bolivia Hop.