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Bolivia Hop Sample Itinerary

All of our Bolivia Hop passes are flexible and allow you to do what you want when you want. However, to give you a more detailed look into what your trip may entail, we have devised up some sample itineraries for each route. These itineraries exaplain what time the buses depart at, what stops the bus will make on route, what activities there are to do each day as well as all the different parties we plan to have each night!

Again, these itineraries are simply samples and Bolivia Hop is all about you, so we will literally stop anywhere you want and our departure times are quite flexible, so you will not be confined to strict timekeeping rules unlike other tour companies.

Sample Itinerary for La Paz – Cusco

Click here to view a detailed sample itinerary for La Paz – Cusco

Sample Itinerary for Cusco – La Paz

Click here to view a detailed sample itinerary for Cusco  -La Paz

Remember to check out our passes section here where you can find a brief overview of each trip as well as a detailed timetable of Bolivia Hop buses.

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