Cusco To La Paz | Bolivia Hop

Our route to La Paz is: Cusco-Puno-Copacabana-La Paz

Bolivia Hop buses leave:

  • Cusco – Puno:            every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 22:00pm
  • Puno – Copacabana:  every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 08:30am (after islands)
  • Copacabana – La Paz: every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 18:30 (after Isla)

Hop off anywhere you want safe in the knowledge that the next bus is not far behind!

Our pickup point in Cusco is at our office near the main plaza, 132 Meson La Estrella. If you are not within walking distance, we will pay for your taxi!

Cusco – La Paz Detailed Timetable

*Denotes overnight bus. Bus leaves at night & arrives at its destination the next morning. Get some sleep on our comfy Bolivia Hop buses. Duvet style blankets provided for the snuggest night’s sleep!!

Remember, Bolivia Hop is a hop-on hop-off bus, so you can get take as long as you want to get from Cusco to La Paz – you can follow the schedule as per the itineraries in the passes and arrive to La Paz in a set number of days or get off the bus anywhere you like and simply get on the next bus whenever you are ready!


You leave Cusco Sunday night. You do the floating islands and arrive to Copacabana at 1pm. You can do the Isla del Sol trip and take the bus at 6.30pm that night. OR hop off, stay the night in Copacabana, and take the bus the next day (Tuesday at 6.30pm) to La Paz

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