Bolivia Hop - Safe Bus Travel in Bolivia - Border Crossing

What is Bolivia Hop?

Bolivia Hop is the sister company of Peru Hop and has become the easiest, safest and most cultural way to travel between Peru and Bolivia.

Launched in 2014 by Irish, English, and Peruvian travelers (read more here), we have become famous for helping people cross the sometimes complicated border between Bolivia and Peru without issue.

Our unique hop on hop off system allows people to cross between Bolivia and Peru and experience both of these amazing countries, as well as uniquely experience Lake Titicaca from both the Bolivia side and the Peruvian side.

As well as this, we have created spectacular Day Trips ideal for those very short on time who might want to fly but don’t want to miss out on amazing places like Copacabana, home to the Isla del Sol (birthplace of the sun for the Incas).

With a pickup and drop service at your hotel/hostels you avoid the infamous La Paz bus terminal and the hassle of trying to coordinate ways to/from your accommodation. You will meet other travelers from across the globe and become friends with our onboard Bolivian team who will give you insights and tips impossible to find in guidebooks.

Whether you just want an easy way to cross into Peru from Bolivia, or want a day trip from La Paz, Bolivia Hop is the perfect way for you to travel in Bolivia.

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Why travel with us?

Your trip of a lifetime is so important to get right. With years of experience, our team of local experts work to make your trip perfect and unforgettable!

border crossing

Our onboard Bolivian and Peruvian experts help you with paperwork at the complicated border control.

local experiences

Discover unique places such as the Floating Islands of Uros in Lake Titicaca and meet local families.

like-minded people

When you travel with us, you’ll meet fun & friendly people of all ages from around the world.

Safe and
flexible travel

The highest standards of hygiene and transport safety combined with unlimited free start date changes!


Don’t be a typical tourist, discover the real Bolivia!

You decide where to start, where to finish and how long you take!

La Paz

"It was surreal to be in the highest capital of world, surrounded by so much
culture and beauty."


“Such a relaxing town, and the border-crossing was made simple and smooth
with Bolivia Hop”

Isla Del Sol

"There's so much history in this island in Lake Titicaca. The most beautiful sunset
I've ever seen!"


“With my drone I was able to take a shot of the man-made Floating Islands.
It was incredible!”


Bolivia Hop vs Public Buses

Below is a quick comparison of Bolivia Hop vs Public Buses and why Bolivia Hop is safer, easier, and more fun!

Bolivia Hop Other buses
Border crossing assistance
Hotel/Airbnb pickups
Meet other travelers onboard
Tour & Activity Discounts
Stop at hidden gems
Wi-Fi on bus *
Avoid chaotic bus terminals
Rating on Tripadvisor 96% 65%

*Wi-Fi Note: Other buses falsely advertise wifi, but it NEVER works. You travel through remote locations where even phone signal is hard to get, nevermind wifi! Bolivia Hop do not falsely advertise something that simply won't work!

On public buses, you will just sit bored amongst locals going to work. You will keep a close eye on your bags, be confused at the chaotic bus terminals with buses often running late, and drive past hidden gems without even knowing it.

On Bolivia Hop, you discover hidden gems, meet travelers and our local onboard guides, as well as feeling safe and comfortable throughout the whole journey.

Don't believe us? Find the best local bus company, find their Tripadvisor page, and then read the reviews. Then read Bolivia Hop reviews. We are far from perfect, but we promise you a much better traveling experience seeing more and paying less!

Why Bolivia Hop Is Perfect For You

As can be seen via customer reviews and photos on Tripadvisor, travel blogs and Instagram, Bolivia Hop has an amazing mix of travelers, from young backpackers to older families.

Click on any category below to read real customer reviews and see why Bolivia Hop is your perfect way explore this country.

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