Copacabana to Arequipa by Bus: 2021 Updated Information | Bolivia Hop

Copacabana to Arequipa by Bus: 2021 Updated Information

Copacabana to Arequipa by Bus: 2021 updated information about bus schedules, bus safety, and the best bus to take!

A bus from Copacabana to Arequipa takes around 8 hours. Below we have detailed information about bus safety, the best bus company and what other benefits you should look out for when choosing the best bus to Arequipa from Copacabana.

Quick Tip: Check out Bolivia Hop’s selection of Copacabana to Arequipa passes to learn more about specific routes that you can take to get from Copacabana to Arequipa.

Copacabana to Arequipa is a direct journey, however there are some stunning places, like the beautiful Lagunillas viewing point where you can see the beautiful Lake Titicaca, that are worth stopping at before arriving in Arequipa. These amazing extra stops are free on any Bolivia Hop trip from Copacabana to Arequipa and are a great way to break up the journey and make sure you don’t miss out on any Peruvian or Bolivian hidden gems.

The best option to get around Bolivia by bus is to take advantage of one of Bolivia Hop’s long passes, allowing you to hop on and hop off throughout the country and explore the many wonderful hidden gems that Bolivia has to offer. A hop on hop off bus service is a service that travels to many different points around the country, allowing people to hop off and enjoy each destination, or just take a quick look around before continuing on their way.

Bolivia Hop is widely regarded to be the best way to cross the border from Bolivia to Peru. By taking you to places that you would otherwise miss, we make sure that you see everything without wasting your money or your time.

With Bolivia Hop you can travel in style with our comfortable reclining seats, which come with USB ports for every passenger. You can arrive refreshed and recharged, resting safely in the knowledge that our buses go the extra mile to ensure your safety. Using 24/7 GPS tracking we can be sure that our drivers don’t speed, and don’t make unauthorized stops along the way. We also make sure that our staff, including bilingual guides who are with you every step of the way, are well rested, with drivers swapping shifts every 5 hours. This is something that other bus companies simply do not do, many overwork their staff and put unrealistic deadline on them so that the drivers have to speed.

Below you’ll find all of our passes which travel the route from Copacabana to Arequipa. Bolivia Hop buses on this route offer guaranteed daily departures, providing you the flexibility to travel on your own schedule. Take a look at the different options available to get from Copacabana to Arequipa and choose the one that best fits your desired itinerary. Remember that Bolivia Hop passes are valid for one full year, so there’s no need to set a rigid schedule–hop on and hop off at your own pace!

If you can’t find the pass you’re looking for listed below, make sure to check out our passes page for the full list of available options.

Copacabana to Arequipa Passes

La Paz-Copacabana-Puno-Arequipa
La Paz to Canyon to Cusco
La Paz to Canyon to Lima
La Paz to Cusco to Lima

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