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Food in La Paz, Bolivia

2017 Updated Information: Street food or fancy restaurants – the food in La Paz, Bolivia will not disappoint!

Sitting at roughly 3400m above sea level, La Paz is the highest administrative capital city in the world. There is so much to see and do in and around this unique, incredible city but it is also a great spot to eat and drink if you know where to look. Here you can find a guide to all the best street foods and restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia.

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Street food in La Paz, Bolivia

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Where to find street food? These are some of the most common meals and snacks that you will find on the streets of La Paz. Mercado Camacho and Mercado Lanzo are two spots where you can find most of the street food being sold. It is quite common to find small little street bars that sell the street food in the market areas as well. You can also find street vendors selling street food in most of the main areas of the town or near the central plaza.

This is a pretty common dish to find on the streets in La Paz. This is a large slice of beef or chicken that has been breaded and fried and is served with rice and salad.

Another common dish is Churrasco. This is the local style steak that you can find on the streets.

Pizza dough pastries filled with cheese sauce.

These savory pastries are filled with meat and vegetables mixed in a slightly or very spicy sauce. In La Paz this dish is served from the very early morning but it is tasty all day.

This is a dish of spicy minced meat with rice and peas. You will most likely find this street food at small little side stands that have benches to sit and eat at.

Sandwich de chola. Food in La Paz, Bolivia

Sandwich de Chola – Foodiehub

Sandwich de Chola
Named after the lovely ladies who sell them – Cholitas – This roasted pork sandwich topped with a variety of pickled vegetables (escabeche) is the ideal snack.

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El Pueblito – This restaurant has most of the great dishes that Bolivia has to offer. This is a great place to eat as the prices are quite reasonable and the food is served in large portions. Located at Linares number 880, 1st floor.

Coroico in Sur – This is another great restaurant to visit for lunch time if you want to get a great experience of what Bolivian lunch looks like. It has excellent value for the price paid and it serves up lots of good Bolivian food. It is located at Calle Julio Patino number 1526.

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El Vagon Del Sur – This restaurant sits in a converted family house and puts great detail into the ingredients and serves lots of spicy foods. It serves a very traditional style of Bolivian dishes. Located at Avenida Julio C Patino number 1295.

Vagon Del Sur. Restaurants in La Paz, Bolivia

El Vagon Del Sur

Marrakech – Not exactly serving Bolivian cuisine, this Moroccan restaurant had to be on this list because of its delicious hummus, tajines and mint tea served in a small, cosy restaurant. Located at Calle Jimenez 774.

Villa Serena – This is a great place to enjoy the nighttime music, the great atmosphere as well as the great Bolivian cuisine. This is a great place full of culture and tasty food. Located at Avenida Ecuador number 2582 Sopacachi.

MagicK – Cafe Cultural – A good vegetarian option in La Paz is MagicK. This cafe and restaurant has delicious food, great coffee and a relaxed atmosphere.  Located at Presbitero Medina 2526 Sopacachi.

Food in La Paz, Bolivia.

MagicK – Cafe Cultural


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Pique a lo macho
This meal consists of strips of steak, sausage, onion, spicy peppers, a boiled egg and French fries. This is one large meal and if you manage to get it all down the hatch you are a real macho.

Picante de pollo
This is a real spicy chicken meal that comes with rice, salad and parsley. It is one of Bolivia’s national dishes and will not disappoint.

Plate paceño
This is a lunch time favorite among Bolivians. This is a plate of corn on the cob, fried cheese, lima beans and potato.

This is a meal made from chicharron de choncho or fried pork and it comes with corn, potatoes, and a red chili sauce.

Modongo. Street Food La Paz, Bolivia.

Mondongo –

This popular meal is full of carbs. Layered with beef, fried eggs, fried potatoes, rice and then topped off with a salsa, this is a great meal to try out.

This rice dish is served with dried beef, fried eggs, beans and fried banana. It is really heavy and great for dinner.

La Paz has a great blend of classic Bolivian restaurants and cuisine with a mix of a great street life and food vendors. Whether you are looking for a place to enjoy great Bolivian or international cuisine and relax for the night or find some good street food, La Paz is the place. Finding the best places to eat can be tricky but once you know where to look you can find some great cuisine and food in La Paz.


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