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La Paz Guide: Killi Killi and Other Viewpoints

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La Paz Guide - La Paz
Sitting two miles above sea level in the Andes, the city of La Paz is the highest capital city in the world. It sits in a bowl of cliffs and peaks, with several prominent hills rising in the middle of the city. This gives the city a wealth of amazing views and lookout points known as “Miradores” in Spanish. Here is a La Paz Guide with the four best miradores there, and how to reach them.

Killi Killi

La Paz Guide - Killi Killi
Mirador Killi Killi is well known in La Paz as one of the best viewpoints in the city, and is a common rendezvous spot for locals looking to relax after a long day of work or a romantic spot to spend time with their sweetheart. It offers amazing views of the city at any time of day, and even at night the panorama of city lights is a breathtaking sight.

The hill that heads up to Killi Killi is quite steep, and at the already high altitude of La Paz, the climb can be quite challenging. Fortunately for less athletic, acclimatized and more tired travellers, there is both a bus that drops off right by the stairs, and taxi drivers know the location well.

La Paz Guide - view from killi killi

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Killi Killi was once used by the indigenous people of Bolivia to keep tabs on the Spanish settlement of La Paz. When indigenous leader Tupac Katari staged an uprising against the Spanish and laid siege to La Paz, he used Killi Killi as his headquarters and base of operations. The hill was nearly made into a garbage dump, but the Mirador was erected in 2007 to save this amazing viewpoint from a very sad fate.

Many of La Paz’s most famous landmarks are visible from the Mirador, such as Hernando Siles Olympic Stadium and the Basilica of our Lady of Peace, La Paz’s most important cathedral. Killi Killi can be reached by bus, taxi, or, if you have the stamina to walk to the top, you can reach it from Avenida Sucre by taking Avenida La Bandera, which will lead you right up to the stairs to the top.

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La Paz Guide - view from laikakota
Mirador Laikakota is not as high as its sister Killi Killi, but it still gives great views, and is accessible by cable car directly from downtown La Paz, or a long series of boardwalks that take a more leisurely route. It also has a large park surrounding it with a big playground, perfect for families with children, and a children’s museum as well as a giant chessboard. There is an entrance fee, but it is only Bs 3.50 (0.50 USD), so very well worth a trip.

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La Paz Guide - Monticulo
Mirador Monticulo is a little more off the beaten path, in the quiet, bohemian suburb of Sopocachi, and has a well-earned reputation as one of the most romantic spots in La Paz. Many paceño poets and writers have came here to write and gain inspiration. It is full of sculptures, memorials, gardens, and even a tiny church. It can be reached by taking the Mi Teleferico Yellow Line to Sopocachi station, then walking a few blocks.

Muela del Diablo

La Paz Guide - Muela del Diablo
It’s a ways out of town, and will take quite a bit of hiking to get to the top, but the most complete view of La Paz is from Muela del Diablo, “The Devil’s Molar”. Getting here requires a taxi or bus ride out to the neighbourhood of Cota Cota or Masalla in Zona Sur, then taking a 10 km or so hike. It is highly recommended you take a few days to get used to the high altitude before taking this jaunt.

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